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Landscaping Services

Site Clearance

Every aspect of landscape gardening can be undertaken by ourselves including the basics!  From land clearance, requiring large machines, drainage, soakaways and water storage cisterns.

Garden Layout and Design

All our design projects are based on our own wide experience of small gardens, design and construction.  Simon O'Gorman will visit any site in Europe to discuss detailed plans for your new garden.  Simon has considerable experience in traditional cottage garden and modern garden design having completed his studies with a landscape design course at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew with John Brookes, the well-known International Landscape Designer.  Michael O'Gorman's speciality is maritime garden design.  Having lived on the Sussex coast from a small child with the sea at the bottom of the garden.

Walls & Fences

The most important part of your new property may be the boundaries.  When these have been correctly defined putting up a fence or a nice traditional Alderney stone wall will be the next most important thing you do.  Our unique style of wall building, dry stone appearance (but with sand and cement hearting) introduced to Alderney in 1974 has been much admired and often imitated but never equalled.  Wall building, a traditional skill hard to acquire.  Initially the correct windbreak materials will be essential for the success of your new gardens.

Paths, Drives & Gates

We can show you many fine examples of our work.  The most important aspect on approaching your house will be the drive or path leading to your front door.  A fine set of traditional English gates set over a well made sea shingle drive may enhance the value of your property.  A traditional clay brick path may add a sense of tradition and quality to a modern property.


The work we do for you is guaranteed to please you.


The finishing touch to a well planned garden will be the choice and quality of the shrubs and trees supplied to you.  We can supply plants from similar maritime areas to Alderney and match plants to other geographical areas to ensure a successful garden.

Greenhouses, Sheds and Garages

We can construct garages, supply and fit wooden garden buildings and fruitcages.



Garden Maintenance


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